Health and Social Care at RPA

"Social care affects the whole of society and touches people at every stage of their lives so it is critical we take a holistic approach"

Shereen Hussein, Professor of Health and Social Care Policy

Health and Social Care at Richmond Park Academy

In Humanities at RPA we want to create curious and engaged citizens who are informed about the truths of the past, comprehend the key issues in the world around them and are understanding and respectful of other faiths and cultures. Students who study Humanities should leave RPA able to apply their knowledge to real world situations to effectively and confidently articulate their viewpoints and be confident debating their personal beliefs on the big issues they face.

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Mr E Brown

Health and Social Care at Key Stage 4 is a BTEC qualification which gives an opportunity to study a vocational qualification which can be practically applied in the real world.

The course is structured over two years and is composed of both internal and external assessments. The internal assessments are sat in year 10, with the final, external assessment being sat at the end of year 11.

The three units are designed to build knowledge on the health and social care sector, in which about 3 million people in the UK are employed. Each unit explores the knowledge wh9ich underpins the health and social care sector, such as key life stages, human growth and development and the services which exist to support the care sector.

The vocational element of the course means that there is a focus on developing skills which can be applied to real world scenarios and understanding the different roles of people who work within the sector. The course develops key skills which demonstrate students aptitude working in the health and social care sector, such as assessing the health of individuals, before devising a care plan to help support the needs of this individual.

The course also explores the attitudes which are the most important in the health and social care sector, such as the care values, and gives students the opportunities to practice applying these values through role play.

This course is interesting and practical and develops a range of knowledge and skills which students can apply within the health and social care sector.

What we do when

Year 10

Component 1: Human Lifespan Development

Component 2: Health and Social Care Services and Values

Year 11

Component 3: Health and Wellbeing

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Laura Bicknell (Humanities Achievement Director) - 

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