The World of Work

Work Experience

During Year 12, every student is given the chance to take part in work experience. The process begins in the spring term, culminating in a week of work experience in the summer term. We work to ensure all placements are worthwhile and safe, and we ensure employers have the right liability insurance as well as risk assessments in place before the placement begins. Students are encouraged to carefully consider the work placement they choose to ensure it is purposeful and enables them to gain an understanding of an area of industry interesting to them.

Higher Education & Careers Fairs

During Year 12, students are encouraged to participate the UCAS Higher Education Fair and events run by local colleges or organisations. The HE fairs attract numerous local and national universities and employers. Higher Education events are particularly useful for students interested in attending university. The employer events are especially useful for students who do not plan to go to university, to help inform and prepare them for working life, as well as building direct networks with people working in the industry of their choice.


For students not interested in attending university in the traditional way, they are encouraged to attend all careers events on offer and use these opportunities for networking. We have strong links with our borough providers Way 2 Work. We have an Opportunities Bulletin which advertises open positions for degree level apprenticeships. Students can also access opportunities and advice through our Apprenticeships page on the RPA website.


All 6th formers are given time to build an online portfolio using their Unifrog account. Students can develop a general CV, as well as writing their Personal Statement and using the platform for MOOCs and university research. Students can log their experiences and their transferable skills as well as finding opportunities within the world of work.