Useful Apps

Every Richmond Park Academy student is signed up to G Suite for Education. These Google accounts include a Gmail address and unlimited online storage on Google Drive. However, there is much, much more bundled in with these accounts. Within Google Drive, you can use Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings and Forms. These staple apps are automatically added to each account and allow you to do most of your work online. Then there are hundreds of apps you can add to your Google account. There is also a multitude of extensions that you can add to your Google Chrome browser. The only difficulties are knowing which apps are best, and which ones to trust. There is a five-star rating system on each Google App, and user's comments can help make your decision. However, on this page, you will find only tried and tested apps that you can attach to your Google account.

Unless specified otherwise, the normal way to add these apps is to go to Google Drive, hit the NEW button, hover or more click on + Connect more apps.


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