How many courses will I be able to study?

One of the benefits of attending RPA sixth form is the personalised learning programme that we will offer students alongside excellent careers advice. As part of the application process, you will have the opportunity to discuss with staff the best route for you, taking into account your academic strengths, interests, learning styles and aspirations. We would recommend that if you are unsure of your preferred subject, you begin on 4 courses until the first assessment window which is normally around the October half term. It is always easier to drop a subject at this stage than start a new one already 6 weeks behind!  University courses only require 3 A Level grade or the equivalent in UCAS points. Rest assured that these questions will be thoroughly discussed at interview as part of our commitment to ensuring you receive the best possible preparation for the next stage in your career.

Will we have independent study time?

There will be independent study time on your timetable as this is a vital element of Post-16 study. Brand new facilities will ensure that you are provided with an ideal learning environment in which to work. Staff will be able to offer guidance and there is a 6th Form Resource Centre tailored to your needs. As part of the RPA 6th Form Induction Programme, you will receive training in study skills to help you maximise your Independent Study Time as this is one area that students new to Post-16 study often find challenging.

Will there be trips?

RPA strongly believes that cultural enrichment, travel and simply broadening horizons should be a key element of a 6th form that strives to provide its students with the most rewarding and exciting learning experience. Over the past few years, students in RPA have enjoyed many highly successful visits to broaden their curriculum. It is part of our commitment that RPA 6th formers will continue to be provided opportunities for exploration and adventure as well as enrichment opportunities that will directly support their study. Pandemics do tend to limit these trips to an extent though! 

Will there be a uniform?

There will not be a school uniform for RPA 6th form students. This is one area in which the 6th Form Council have had significant input and it has been decided that a ‘smart casual’ dress code will be adopted to reflect the increasing maturity of students. However, students dressing inappropriately will be challenged. See dress code for further information