Careers Information

Labour (Job) Market Information

London LMI can show you information about your local borough and the number of jobs in each sector. Use the link and click your borough on the map to find out more

GoCompare has some recent data about the UKs riskiest jobs

You can also use the Careerometer widget below to check fast facts about a career you're interested in

Careers Videos & Interviews

BBC Bitesize Careers

Checkout the videos and content from the BBC Biteseize Careers team, all about lots of different careers you might like

iCould careers videos

Looking for careers inspiration?  Use the careers videos icould and see videos of people working in their careers talking about what it's really like

Careers Box

Use the Careers Box Video Lounge to checkout people talking about their careers

60-second interviews

Success at School has a range of short interviews with professionals across numerous professions

AfC World of Work virtual careers  fair

You will find videos, web links and more  information on a number of industries and companies, enabling you to further your understanding of opportunities within a range of employment sectors. 

My Path

An exciting YouTube channel all about careers with short videos to help you understand what a career is all about.

Digital Magazines & E-Books

Target Careers

Target Careers: School Leaver 200 features the 200 most popular employers for school leavers


CareerMag is a magazine for young school-leavers finding out about their options in the world of work

Make the Future Yours

Make the Future Yours is a magazine with information on careers you may not have throught about

How your subjects at school link to careers and skills

Popular Careers

Experiences are useful for understanding the career, referencing and reflecting on in future interviews and applications. For real life experiences, Vantage is a website which matches students to opportunities at law firms - create a profile in 5 minutes. Law Careers links to various Diversity Access Schemes in order to create a more diverse workforce in law.

EXPANDING KNOWLEDGE: students can; read this Aspiring Medics article for ideas about gaining experiences, listen to BMJ podcasts, read BMJ articles, take part in virtual Brighton & Sussex Medical School work experience, virtual GP experience from the Royal College of GPs, UHB & Medic Mentor 30-hour virtual programme for aspiring doctors, or take a free short online course in Medicine or Health topics. If possible, join the St Johns Ambulance Cadets. For applicants, Medic Mind has a Medical Schools Comparison Tool so students can add in their specific criteria to create a shortlist.

APPLICANT SUPPORT: Kings College have produced support for medical applicants, preparing for Multiple Mini Interviews and UCAT test.

Link to National Careers Service website.

Careers information services

The National Careers Service website offers students impartial and independent careers information, advice and guidance to help them make decisions about learning, training and work opportunities.

Use this link for an A-Z of job profiles and labour market information.

You can contact an adviser at The National Careers Service offers confidential, helpful and impartial advice, supported by qualified careers advisers. Support is also available from trained advisers who will talk through issues, offering confidential advice and practical help. Advisers are available from 8am to 10pm, seven days a week, telephone 0800 100 900, or for text messages on 07766 413219.

Working Hours

Here are some government rules about how many hours you can work as a teenager in full-time education. Legally, you should not be employed to work before 7.00am or after 7.00pm.

Temporary work or holiday work

It can be difficult to know where to start when looking for temporary work, click here for some guidelines to get you going.


If you are keen to become a volunteer, 

Do-it and Vinspired can help to link you up to volunteering vacancies.

For London-based volunteering The Mayor's team have developed their Team London website, to find voluntary opportunities within London. Success At School has a useful article about volunteering.

Qualities employers look for

Employers want individuals who have qualities useful in the workplace, such as those who: -

- Are aware of business opportunities - Deliver quality - Are resilient - Exercise professional judgement - Strive for continual improvement - Demonstrate innovation and curiosity - Have career motivation - Make an impact - Are collaborative and inclusive.

You can also use the SkillsBuilder self-assessment tool to work out which transferable skills you are best at, and which areas you can build on to improve

Preparing for Interviews

The free Skills 2 Use app has some excellent resources to help you prepare for an interview, and construct your own answer to typical questions before the day.

The National Careers Service offer excellent information to help you prepare for interviews.

If you are looking to interview for a well-known company, Glassdoor can help you with your interview preparation, giving specific feedback from people who have previously interviewed for that company.


Self-employment is an option for all ages. Nationally and locally we have multiple organisations who can support your new business idea with funding, training, mentoring and more, to get your new business off the ground: -

Women in the workplace

Career blog What's For Work? has advice for women who go out to work. Fearless Futures aims to educate young women and improve gender equality in the workplace. Stemettes was set up to inspire the next generation of females into (STEM) Science, technology, Engineering and Maths careers. The University of Oxford has produced a website; Women in Science to help support and advise young women looking at a science career.

Disabilities in the workplace

Advisory website, Disability Rights UK has information and advice for people who have a disability including information on education, skills and employment. EmployAbility has information, advice and support for students with a disability or dyslexia. Diversity Careers run an annual careers event showcasing employers who are seeking to employ, support and connect with students with disabilities.

Student and Parents' Guide

Achieving for Children has a Next Steps Pack for those who need extra support with learning or employability support

Parents' Guide

With the help of JP Morgan, this 2020 Parents' & Carers Guide has been made so parents/carers can use it as a tool to help young people prepare for their future. There's a step-by-step guide to help them focus on career paths connected to their skills and interests, including is a worksheet to be completed by the parent/carer and young person together to make tangible progress. It also includes case studies, info on the new T-levels, plus articles on university, mental health, encouraging young women into engineering and more.