Sixth Form

Dress Code

Our dress code, as created by the Sixth Form Student Council, requires students to attend school wearing ‘smart casual’ clothing. These are the expectations the council created which can also be found in the Sixth Form Handbook:

  • We expect our students to maintain a casually professional appearance at all times.

  • We do not allow either dress nor personal grooming that would cause offense or shock to anyone in the school community.

  • Clothing should not be inappropriately tight fitting.

  • We reserve the right to send any student who breaches these conditions home.

  • No midriff on show

  • No off the shoulder tops

  • Only knee length shorts for girls and boys

  • Skirt length should fall at your fingertips when standing.

  • No underwear should be visible.

  • No inappropriately low cut tops

  • No tracksuits except for Duke of Edinburgh activities or unless students have a practical lesson that day

  • No leggings on their own- they need to be covered with a long top/jumper

  • Clean, neat training shoes may be worn in an understated design and colour palette.

  • No ripped jeans

  • No ripped tights

  • No face piercings- you may have one nose piercing

  • No stipulations are made regarding hair cut or colour

Please remember that it is up to members of staff to determine if you do or do not successfully adhere to the criteria outlined above.

The sanctions for not following or meeting these guidelines are dependent upon individual circumstances but could include: being sent home to change; receiving a no notice detention (NND); beginning the Stage Process (a Sixth Form report); or being placed into the AIC.