History at RPA

"A people without knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots"

Marcus Garvey

History at Richmond Park Academy

In Humanities at RPA we want to create curious and engaged citizens who are informed about the truths of the past, comprehend the key issues in the world around them and are understanding and respectful of other faiths and cultures. Students who study Humanities should leave RPA able to apply their knowledge to real world situations to effectively and confidently articulate their viewpoints and be confident debating their personal beliefs on the big issues they face.

Who's who in the team

Dr. A. Mathisen - Subject Leader

Mr. D. Doy

Miss. F. Williams

Mr. J. Cook

Mr. C. Likoray

In History, our aim is to use our passion and dedication for teaching History to create the highest quality learning experience for our students. Central to this is our belief in fostering independent enquiry and high level discussion to help mould young people who are engaged, aware, critical, and confidently articulate about the world, its past, and its challenges for the future.

What we do when

KS3 History units are organised thematically around three strands: Power and Conflict; Settlement, Expansion and Beliefs; Society, Freedom, & Identity. 

Year 7 (1000-1600)

Year 8 (1600-1900)

Year 9 (1900-the present)

Key Stage 4

KS4 students follow the Edexcel History GCSE

Key Stage 5

KS5 students follow the Edexcel A-Level qualification

Who to contact

Head of Subject: Dr A Mathisen - amathisen@richmondparkacademy.org

Humanities Achievement Director - Ms L Bicknell - lbicknell@richmondparkacademy.org

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