The 16-19 Bursary Fund targets support towards the most financially disadvantaged 16-19 year olds facing the greatest financial barriers to participation and is allocated by Education Funding Agency (EFA).

The policy explains how Richmond Park Academy 6th form will prioritise and administer the 16-19 Bursary Fund. We are committed to ensuring the Fund is used to support financially disadvantaged young people, taking up or continuing in their education and achieving their learning aims.

Bursaries available and amounts

Richmond Park Academy offers two types of Bursary:

  • Vulnerable Bursary – is available to all young people who meet the general eligibility criteria as set out in this policy. It is a limited fund determined by the EFA and can provide up to £1200 per year or pro-rata in the case of short courses.

  • Discretionary Bursary – is available to all young people who meet the general and additional eligibility criteria as set out in this policy. The Discretionary Bursary is a fund for students who follow a full timetable at Richmond Park Academy 6th form. Additional support may be granted for curriculum related activities such as trips; such support will be agreed by the Bursary Application Panel.

Eligibility & Evidence

In order to be eligible to receive a Bursary, you must be 16 or over and under 19 on the 31st August in the academic year you start your course and meet the YPLA residence requirements as set out in the document Funding Guidance.

  • Vulnerable Bursary: is available to any of the following students that are - currently in care or a care leaver. - receiving Income Support or Universal Credit in your own name. - receiving both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments.

  • Discretionary Bursary is available to those students who currently receive Free School Meals or have received school meals within the last six years.

Any young person meeting general eligibility requirements and facing financial hardship due to exceptional reason or circumstances change can apply to access hardship funds on an individual basis by submitting an application in writing.

All applications to access the 16-19 Bursary Fund must be supported by appropriate evidence. Copies will be taken by the school for audit purposes, all of which will be treated as confidential. For those applying for a Discretionary Bursary confirmation from the local authority of entitlement to Free School Meals will be checked.


Subject to meeting all the requirements, payments for the Vulnerable Bursary will be awarded when requests for items are submitted by the student. For those eligible for the Discretionary Bursary, students will have the facility to purchase items through the school that aid their learning, such as transport costs, meals, books, equipment and trips. There are also certain conditions the student must meet each week in order to receive on-going bursary payments, these are highlighted in the Bursary Contract which the student has agreed to.


Applications for a Bursary must be submitted as early as possible. A Bursary application form and other relevant documentation can be obtained from the Finance team / 6th form team.

Consideration must be given to assisting any young person to make an application where they are unable to do so due to a level of learning difficulty and/or disability.

All applications for either Bursary will be assessed by the Finance Team. The team will review the application and any supporting evidence and the student will be notified of the outcome within 2-3 weeks of receipt.

Appeals & Confidentiality

If a student is not happy with the outcome of their application, they should write to the 6th form team outlining their reasons why. The Bursary panel will then discuss your appeal and respond within two weeks of receipt.

All applications and supporting evidence will be treated as confidential during processing, payment and storage. If it is required, the school may need to obtain additional information to reach a decision. The student will be kept informed of the reasons why this is necessary prior to sharing any information further.