Here at RPA we recognise the enormous transition that takes place from Year 11 to 6th form. Students will find a supportive and vibrant learning environment, within which they are encouraged to develop their independence and individuality, their talents, abilities and interests whilst contributing to the school community. 

In support of this aim and in response to the increasingly competitive world our students live in, our Enrichment Programme will provide opportunities for RPA 6th form students to distinguish themselves academically, personally and socially. 

Our personalised programmes are built upon an appreciation of students’ growing maturity and independence, as well as their need for choice and self-expression. Included in the range of activities that enrich learning and contribute to personal development are:

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

A valuable pre-university qualification allowing you to develop your research skills, and demonstrate your ability to organise and present in-depth learning.

Work placements, Internships & Apprenticeships

Gain essential experience in your chosen field, and benefit from networking opportunities within relevant industry based settings.

Career guidance support with UCAS and job applications

At RPA you will be supported at every step of your journey by an expert dedicated team, as you aspire towards your education or career related goals.

Relevant and accessible PSHE seminars

The Programme at RPA provides interactive sessions exploring key issues that affect the lives of Post 16 students. Seminars are designed to inform and empower students as they make the transition to adult life.

Clubs and Societies

Take your passion for your subject or interest beyond the classroom and develop your knowledge and expertise whilst expanding your social horizons through extra-curricular exploration with like-minded colleagues.

Competitive or recreational sport

Alongside facilities designed to promote personal fitness, RPA provides opportunities for students to represent the 6th form at Borough fixtures and tournaments. Work towards a Sports Leaders Award, and use your skills to support local Primary students in a range of sporting activities.

Drama & Music

If you have the drive and talent to perform, why not get involved in putting on a concert or a show?

Working alongside experienced members of staff

6th formers will have the opportunity to undertake mentoring and tutoring roles supporting younger students.

Charitable work

Global & local. Organise events and support your community.

Visiting speakers

Be inspired while learning from the best.

RPA will also run a specialised programme

For those who wish to apply to Oxbridge or other top universities for the most competitive courses such as medicine or dentistry. Students will benefit from university coaching, visiting a range of universities and meeting undergraduates.