Behaviour and Discipline


Richmond Park Academy is committed to the very highest standards of behaviour. The academy will stop at nothing to fulfil its promise that no child’s progress will ever be negatively impacted by the behaviour of others. It is every child’s right to study in an environment that is quiet, calm and focused.

Where students are unable to adhere to these expectations, there will be both sanction and support. The academy believes sanctions help students to understand that they have fallen below our expectations and it believes that with our support they will be able to better shape their future choices.


The overarching aim of our behaviour policy is to create a school community, whose sense of responsibility to themselves, each other and the wider community empowers our students to achieve in all aspects of their lives.  

The aims of the behaviour policy are to:

Richmond Park Academy students participating in a lesson.

The policy makes clear which members of staff have specific responsibility for key areas of sanctions, and for promoting good behaviour on and off site. For more detailed information on the type of incident and related sanctions, please refer to the Richmond Park Behaviour Ladder

For more information on behaviour and discipline you can read the Behaviour Policy here.