All students who attend the 6th form will have been selected due to their work ethic and ability to apply themselves to their studies. If you find some work challenging you can rest assured that we are here to assist. It may simply be that a chat with your tutor will be enough to help you find a solution to the issues you are facing. However, sometimes you may require more focused and sustained support. In such situations, you will find the support you need from caring and supportive staff that are committed to helping you succeed.

Academic Issues

Post 16 study is different in many ways to what you will have experienced at GSCEs. It is not surprising that some students find this jump a challenge. Whilst we expect you to be resilient and committed learners, we also recognise that there are times when more input is required. Your tutors and subject teacher will be your first port of call in this instance. Further support and guidance will also be available from your Director of 6th Form Studies (Ms Blease). Don’t forget to discuss these issues with your peers…it is likely that they too have faced challenges with their work and will likely have found helpful strategies for dealing with them.

Pastoral Issues

If there are more personal issues that you need to discuss then there will be several people in school that will be able to provide both a listening ear and direct you to information advice and guidance that is relevant to your situation. It is likely that you will want to speak to someone you know and trust and with this in mind, you may wish to speak with your tutor, a teacher, senior staff or the member of staff in charge of Child protection (Helen Morris). If we cannot help then we will endeavour to put you in touch with the people who can.

Additional Learning Support

Richmond Park Academy is able to provide support for students who may have additional needs. Our aim is to remove barriers to learning and achievement for all students regardless of their particular needs. This could involve supporting students in learning how to structure essays, building confidence in literacy and numeracy skills and improving access to education for those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ASD, ADHD, medical needs and other disabilities. We want to provide support services that enable all learners to access and fully participate in life at Richmond Park Academy

Examples of the learning support available include:

  • specialist teachers in teaching students with specific learning difficulties
  • learning support assistants, our team has a wealth of experience in supporting students with a wide range of additional needs
  • adaptive aids and equipment
  • dyslexia assessments and specialist support
  • additional study support on a regular or drop-in basis
  • special arrangements in exams.