Drama at RPA

"I think drama has to push things to extremes so that we can understand what we are doing in our society."

Edward Bond

Drama at Richmond Park Academy

The Creative Arts faculty at RPA is designed to encourage creativity, develop problem solving abilities and an appreciation of the creative journey.  Students will encounter a diverse range of practitioners within the industry showcasing various career paths. 

Our aim is to inspire, enrich, and nurture each pupil to have the confidence to communicate; physically, audibly and visually through the use of a wide range of materials. We strive for students to fulfil their potential through increasingly individual and creative expression, prizing the journey as much as the destination.

The faculty is an active and vibrant part of the school community, both within and outside the curriculum, allowing students the freedom to explore their creative identity.

Who's who in the team

Mr Walker - Subject Lead

Ms Humphrey - Teacher of Performing Arts

At Richmond Park Academy, we believe that drama is a challenging and rewarding academic subject. Our mission in the Drama Department is to develop independent, creative thinkers who can challenge themselves to problem solve through  thought, imagination and an appreciation of the power of words used well. We want our students to have a grounding in theatre and performance styles learned from Year 7 and embedded throughout KS3.  Students will develop an awareness of an audience and begin to contemplate their intentions towards them.  Students will study the purpose of drama and by the end of the KS will have begun to consider the roles of performers, designers and directors.  The curriculum is aimed at providing an opportunity for students to develop their creativity and engender a love of the subject and the wider world of stage and screen.

We aim to:

Drama is taught as a subject in its own right. From the very beginning of Year 7, we train our students to work effectively and cooperatively in groups; to work towards original, imaginative performances and to evaluate, fairly and critically, their own work and that of others. At every level, students explore text, improvisation and live theatre from the perspectives of actor, director, designer and critic.

Year 7

Introduction to drama, Scriptwork - The Demon Headmaster, Physical Theatre

Year 8

Scriptwork - Sparkleshark, Commedia d’ell arte, Theatre in Education

Year 9

Scriptwork - DNA. Theatre Practitioners, Devising

Year 10 BTEC

Introduction to drama, Component One - A Performers’ Life, Component Two - Developing Skills for Performance

Year 10 GCSE

Introduction to drama, Component One - Devised Performance, Component Three - The Crucible

Year 11 BTEC

Component Three - Group performance project

Year 11 GCSE

Component Two - Performing from text, Component Three - The Crucible

Year 12

A Performer’s Life for me,  Developing skills for performance

Year 13

Group Devised performance, Optional 4th Unit (Cohort depending)

Who to contact

Mr Walker - Head of Drama - ewalker@richmondparkacademy.org

Ms Humphrey - shumphrey@richmondparkacademy.org

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