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All persons entering any school building are required to immediately proceed to the Main Office to complete the visitor’s log and obtain a visitor’s pass before going to any other part of the building. The visitor’s pass must be visible at all times and returned to the main office upon leaving the building. Violations of this sign-in requirement shall constitute a trespass and will result in criminal and civil prosecution to the full extent of the law as well as denial of access to Public Schools.
Parental requests for classroom visitations will be welcomed as long as the educational process is not disrupted. To this end we request that such requests be made at least forty-eight hours in advance to allow for proper arrangements to be made.
Any student who wishes to have a guest in school MUST ask permission of one of the administrative staff 24 HOURS in advance of the proposed visit. If permission is granted, the guest is expected to follow the standards of behavior expected of all students. Upon arrival the guest must register in the office. Any guest who fails to comply with student regulations will be asked to leave the school building
and grounds immediately.
LEGAL REFS.:         M.G.L 266:120
West Springfield Public Schools