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The School Committee expects members of its professional staff to be familiar with the code of ethics that applies to their profession and to adhere to it in their relationships with students, parents, coworkers, and officials of the school system. In addition, the School Committee expects that all employees of the school district are familiar with the Conflict of Interest statute, and the advisories issued by the state Ethics Commission. All employees are expected to abide by the letter and the spirit of that law.

No employee of the School Committee will engage in or have a financial interest in, directly or indirectly, any activity that conflicts or raises a reasonable question of conflict of interest with his/her duties and responsibilities in the school system. Nor will any staff member engage in any type of private business during school time or on school property, nor will they use resources of the school district for their personal use, benefit or profit. Employees will not engage in any type of work where they use or have the potential to use any information which is available to them through their work in the district.

Moreover, as there should be no conflict of interest in the supervision and evaluation of employees, at no time may any administrator be responsible for the supervision and/or evaluation of an employee that is directly related to him/her as defined by M.G.L. c. 268A.

A school district shall neither (i) employ a member of the immediate family of a superintendent, central office administrator, or School Committee member, nor (ii) assign a member of the immediate family of the principal as an employee at the principal’s school, unless written notice is given to the school committee of the proposal to employ or assign such person at least two weeks in advance of such person’s employment or assignment. As used in this section, “immediate family” shall be the meaning assigned by subsection (e) of chapter 268A:1.

LEGAL REFS.:         M.G.L. 71: 67; 268A:1 et seq.

LEGAL REVIEW:     By Attorney Tate (via e-mail 1/31/10)
Revised: 10/22/09; 2/3/10
1st Reading: 10/29/09; 2/3/10 (Policy Subcommittee meeting)
2nd Reading and Approval: February 9, 2010

West Springfield Public Schools