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The School Committee consists of seven members, and is the governing board of the West Springfield Public School System. Although it functions as a duly elected committee of town government, it owes its existence to the Massachusetts General Laws, which decree that each public school system will be governed by a School Committee.

The School Committee possesses all powers and duties conferred upon it by state law. Certain legislative powers are also granted to the Committee by the town charter and code. The Committee alone may determine policies and practices and employ a staff to implement its direction for the proper education of the children of the Town of West Springfield.

Although it functions as a duly elected Committee of town government, the School Committee has, unlike other town boards, autonomous and absolute authority within limitations established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to carry out the educational policies of the state and guide the educational process established by law.
LEGAL REFS.:     M.G.L. 41:1 and 71:37 specifically,but powers and duties of school committees are established throughout the General Laws of Massachusetts Relating to School Committees
 Adopted:  MASC [1/11/05]
Review & first reading:  April 11, 2013 [Policy Subcommittee]
Second reading & approval:  April 23, 2013