File: EEAB-R


Each School Committee shall provide or arrange for the provision of all transportation recommended by a TEAM.
The TEAM shall state all reasonably available transportation which the child (with special needs) requires in order to participate fully in all parts of the program provided to the child. This means transportation from legal residence to and from school as well as any special needs
transportation needs within the pupil’s regular school day. Namely, pupils may only ride assigned busses to and from their school from legal residence. Any deviation must be requested through and be approved by the Special Services Office.

Special Needs: Parent/guardian not available for discharge of pupil

1. Bus driver will contact bus company supervisor/dispatcher.

2. Bus driver will keep pupil aboard and complete route.

3. Bus supervisor/dispatcher contacts the school Principal. Bus supervisor/dispatcher continues to attempt to contact parent. If parent contact is made supervisor/dispatcher will direct driver to take pupil home.
4. Principal will determine course of action if no contact can be made. Principal will attempt to contact the person to be notified in case of emergency or the alternate.
5. Principal not available - contact Special Service Office. This office will then determine course of action.
6. Special Service Office not available - pupil taken to school department office. School  department will then determine course of action.
7. If the school department is closed — pupil taken to police department. Police to call in school personnel to care for pupil. Police will assist in location of parent (police would like to know at outset of this procedure so that they can assist).
If pupil is not dropped off at regularly scheduled time for any of the above reasons, the bus company should so notify the Special Services Department. The Special Services Department will notify the school Principal who will make an investigation of the case and forward a report to the Administrator of Special Needs and Superintendent of Schools.
Administrator of Special Services and Superintendent of Schools will determine any future course of action.

West Springfield Public Schools