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The Virtual High School Program (VHS) offers Internet-based courses at the pre-college level to students of member schools. VHS programs provide students with opportunities to take course via the Internet that otherwise would not be available at West Springfield High School.

Students will be selected for this program based on the following guidelines:

1. The program will be scheduled through the Guidance Department.

2. Seniors needing a course for graduation will be given first preference.

3. Seniors wishing to take a course for personal growth will be given second preference.

4. Juniors wishing to take a course for personal growth will be given third preference.

5. All students participating in the program must have successfully completed Practical Applications of Computers with a grade of 80 or better OR must demonstrate competency in Internet usage.

6. It is recommended that students have access to a computer with Internet capability.

7. Students may subscribe to one VHS course per semester in lieu of a West Springfield elective course.

8. Students may take one or more additional VHS course for personal growth as space permits. However, these courses will not replace West Springfield High School courses.

9. Students subscribing to a VHS course must demonstrate a willingness and ability to work independently.

10. The appropriate paperwork, including a sign-off by the student, the parent, the student’s guidance counselor, and the guidance coordinator (VHS Registration Form [File: IHBGB-E]) must be completed before the VHS course begins.

11. A VHS course will count for a West Springfield High School elective credit.

12. A guidance counselor must refer special circumstances to the Administration.

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