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In accordance with the requirements of the law, each new School Committee member elected to the West Springfield School Committee is required to complete, within one year of their election or appointment, at least eight hours of orientation training. This orientation shall include, but is not limited to, a review of School Finance, the Open Meeting Law, Public Records Law, Conflict of Interest Law, Special Education Law, Collective Bargaining, School Leadership Standards and Evaluations, and the Roles and Responsibilities of School Committee Members.
The School Committee and Superintendent shall assist each new member to understand the Committee's functions, policies and procedures of the Committee as soon after election as possible. Each new member shall have access to the following materials, most of which are available online:

A.  A copy of the School Committee policy manual ~
B.  A copy of the Open Meeting Law ~ Laws
C.  A copy of the Ethics/Conflict of Interest Regulations ~ Laws
D.  A copy of the district's budget ~ available through the school department business office (263-3297)
E.  Collective bargaining agreements and contracts ~
F.  Student Handbooks ~

Each new members shall also receive any other materials the Chair and/or the Superintendent determine to be necessary.
The Chair and/or Superintendent shall also clarify policy:

A.  Arranging visits to schools or administrative offices
B.  Requesting information regarding school district operations
C.  Responding to community requests/complaints concerning staff or programs
D.  Handling confidential information.

Whether appointed or elected, new members should be advised that they are also members of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, Inc., and should be encouraged to utilize the services and resources MASC provides by attending meetings or workshops specifically designed for new committee members.  Their expenses at these meetings or workshops will be reimbursed in accordance with the established school committee policy.

LEGAL REF.    M.G.L. 71:36A
CROSS REF:  BBA/BBBB ~ School Committee Members Qualifications/Oath of Office 

Read, reviewed and revised:  November 20, 2017 [Policy Subcommittee]
Approved:  November 28, 2017 [School Committee]