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The School Committee, as an agent of the state, must operate within the bounds of state and federal laws affecting public education.  If the Committee is to meet its responsibilities to the residents and students of this community, it must work vigorously for the passage of new laws designed to advance the cause of good schools and for the repeal or modification of existing laws that impede this cause.

To this end:

1.   The Committee will keep itself informed of pending legislation and actively communicate its concerns and make its position known to elected representatives at both the state and national level.

2.   The Committee will work with its legislative representatives (both state and federal), with the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) and other concerned groups in developing an annual, as well as a long-range, legislative program.  One of the major objectives of the Committee’s legislative program will be to seek full funding for all state and federally mandated programs and, as needed, appoint an ad-hoc representative from the Committee to seek legislative support for school-related budgets.




Adopted by Policy Subcommittee: March 27, 2014

Approved by School Committee:  April 8, 2014