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The law directs that school buildings containing the grades nine to twelve, inclusive, the Principal, in consultation with the School Committee, shall prepare and distribute to each student a handbook setting forth the rules pertaining to conduct of students. The School Committee shall review the handbooks each spring to consider changes in the disciplinary policy to take effect in September.

Each handbook shall include a letter to parents indicating that they have read, discussed with their child(ren) and understood the information contained in the handbook. Said letter shall be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the student’s school.
It is essential that the contents of all handbooks conform to School Committee policies. It is also important that all handbooks bearing the name of the school system or one of its schools be of a quality that reflects credit on the school department. Therefore, the School Committee will approve all handbooks prior to publication.
Committee approval will be necessary for any handbooks that pertain to required standards of conduct for employees or students so that their contents may be accorded the status of Committee-approved policy or regulation. The Superintendent will use his/her judgment as to whether other specific handbooks need Committee approval; however, all handbooks published will be made available to the Committee for informational purposes.
SOURCE:  MASC May 2017

LEGAL REFS.:     M.G.L. 71:37H

Reviewed, updated and approved:  May 9, 2017 [Policy Subcommittee]
Approved:  June 9, 2017 [School Committee]