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No qualified disabled student shall be discriminated against because of a disability.  In addition, parents/guardians who have a qualifying disability may request the District to provide appropriate accommodations necessary for them to participate in events which allow them to participate in the essential activities of their children.  When requesting such accommodations, the parents/guardians must submit evidence sufficient to the administrator to determine the existence of the disability; an interactive process may occur to determine the appropriate accommodation(s). Students who are at least eighteen (18) years of age may submit their own requests.

It is the policy of the West Springfield Public Schools to provide a free appropriate public education to each qualified student with a disability within its jurisdiction. It is the intent of the district to ensure that students who are disabled within the definition of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act are identified, evaluated and provided with appropriate educational services. Students may be disabled under this policy even though they do not require services pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, due process rights of qualified students with disabilities and their parents are guaranteed in the West Springfield Public Schools. The Administrator of Special Services is the District Coordinator for Section 504. She may be contacted at the West Springfield Public Schools Central Office, 26 Central Street, 4th floor, West Springfield, MA 01089-2777; (413)263-3276, between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00; Monday through Friday. Principals, or a designee, are the school Section 504 Coordinators, and may be contacted at their respective buildings.

Written:  Atty Tate (November 2010)

First Reading:  Policy Subcommittee (December 27, 2010)

Second Reading: January 11, 2011

Approval:  January 11, 2011

March 25, 2013 - Title change (Policy Subcommittee)

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