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The Fallen Feather project is designed to give honor through remembrance to the Ohio soldiers that we've lost during Iraq and Afghanistan, during the war on terrorism. What we have done is organized wood carvers from all over the state to carve a bald eagle's feather, individualized to each fallen.

These feathers have been placed on a memorial wall made of Buckeye and put on public display. Each feather is in a 50 caliber shell casing and in that shell casing there is a blood stripe, the red stripe from an American flag that was taken from a cemetery because it was unserviceable.

The eagle on the top the memorial wall is facing the peace side, it is facing the side that has the olive branch, even though the eagle was carved during a time of war, the soldiers that it rests over are at rest. On the war side, the arrow side of the eagle, the eagle is missing a feather; it's the third feather in, which is the feather that we used as a template for the fallen feathers that rest below. The eagle was carved shedding a tear.

"This memorial is to offer remembrance, to give honor to those that are fallen,

and to hopefully help the families that have lost their love ones."

- Graham Webb, III, Columbus, Ohio

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