Child Login From Home

How to Log into Khan Academy at home on a computer

1. Open the Chrome browser and search for Khan Academy

2. Click on the big green button ‘Start learning now’

3. Click the big red button : ‘Sign in with Gmail’

4. Enter your school email address followed by your school password:

(student email address and password, eg

You will now be logged into your Khan Academy account

How to log into Khan Academy on an iPad

On the iPad go to the App Store and download the Khan Academy App

Sign up using your school email address followed by your school password (student email address and password)

Make sure you are signing in using Google where it says Continue with Google, not Sign up with email, this is a common mistake!

To see the Grade Level courses below on the iPad you will need to set the region on the iPad to the United States. (Settings - General - Language and Region- Then change the Region to United States. )