Using your retirees as a Learning Resource

Post date: 24-Jul-2016 18:04:43

Being the sort of town that it is that I live in and being a local I quite often meet people this time of the year who have just retired from work or have ceased to be economically active. Quite often they feel a sense of loss especially when they have worked for the same employer for 30+ years. Working for that length of time still does happen. We are quite a high skill base town with many small engineering firms and large chemical based concerns

Why not help the transition to retirement by getting the retiree to produce learning materials? Smooth the transition and mitigate the loss of skills small businesses experience when the person who knew where everything was retires. If a particular job only comes in every 6 months and there has to be a re-tool for a small run all the mistakes in the manufacturers instructions are revisited. Often I meet people who go back to help out because they do know "where all the skeletons are!"

We are lifelong learners but we can also be life long teachers. A blog on Thursday deals with this a little further.