Copy of Goole+ Group post in the Cambolc #IoT Week Virtual Seminar

Post date: 28-Jul-2016 06:11:18

Just thought I'd share the beginning of the twitter stream that ~~#** (anonymised as no longer in room) started with his +1ing one of the posts.

Follow the thread and we get to the end . Now if you go to the @cambolc profile in twitter. Click on the link pinned tweet, you will see the #IoT Week Agenda. Have a look see if there is anything you might want #tagged for tomorrow's "sessions "

I would also like to invite you to have a look the front page of the website There you will see a link called the cunning plan (puns galore always intended), if you click on the link and have a read, suggestions on the back of tweet or through the Google + post much appreciated.

I will post the Notes for today later . There is a blog post written and scheduled for tomorrow at 0500 UTC+1. I will now leave everything to develop. Most good conferences the people who sent out the invites usually start to step aside at this point . The people who matter the one's that decided they might be interested in exploring the ideas get to take over.

I will be in Cambridge tomorrow morning seeing the people who I work for during the day in term time . My 4G data plan renews tomorrow and as was seen earlier the Google+ Groups alerts are working. I can usually find a WiFi hotspot as it comes my part of BT Broadband package. So unless we have an EE and a BT problem (has been known last week) I will follow the twitter and Google+ posts.

It is unlikely that I will be back at the desk much before 2 pm GMT. If you are in Cambridge and want to find out who the person who has been sending all those tweets is DM or Google+ Post me and I see where u are in relation to Station Road or Town Centre. Might be going to Centre for Computing History as I have been intending to see what it look like after seeing it in Haverhill before it moved.

The timetable has been put together for my benefit to give structure and a convenient end point as to where I can write a Friday Reflection. The Google+ Tent will remain open. I will not be adding anybody to the trade stands list after Friday lunchtime. Otherwise I could be permanently doing that. I will put a list marker on twitter as to who made it by the end of conference as most efficient way of doing it. There will be another #IoT week of exactly the same format to test the model an build the resources. If it is 3 months that is because it such a rapidly evolving topic that would be great. The snap shot of what might appear to be a short temporal gap belies how quickly the technology is changing. Four years ago the Chromebook was only just launched. I am still using the same one I bought then but Google Sites etc has become a useful tool.

I will see if I can get a link to post on Twitter as well.

Thanks for your present and future participation!

Phil Spaldng