New Medium Term plan

Post date: 08-Aug-2016 23:39:57

In next week idea is to review the medium term plan that can be found on the home page of the website. In summary we are going to spend a month/ 4 weeks reviewing the topics that cambolc has blogged about and the application of elearning and IoT to these topics. The topics and timings are

August 2016: Square foot gardening see blog from 8th August 2016

September 2016: Learning new Languages see blog from 29 May 2013 see Tweet Link of British Council's call for more language learning, 1000 Word Challenge which is the idea that a person can be reasonably proficient in a language with a core of 1000 words, designing language sections of cambolc website

October 2016: Second @Cambolc #IoT Virtual Conference

November 2016: Designing elearning experiences

December 2016: Food building on the sqaure foot gardening, Wellbeing and Smart Cities

January 2017: Preparing to be an #elearning student building on the aspects of Wellbeing that impact on how effective #elearning is for the learner

This point design next medium term plan and consider writing a longer term 3 year plan, with first year based on the plan involving the two medium term plans discussed. This will in effect be the second 3 year plan as it has taken 3 years from 1st April 2013 for @cambolc to launch and complete it's first week long conference. Therefore only Years 5 and 6 need to be planned.