Landing page for Internet of Things or #IoT. The Third Industrial Revolution sparked by the Silicon Age. In time this may become the Internet of Everything! A ubiquitous technology that could change #elearning, even entering the realms of #augmented_reality and #AI.

The QR Code was the in vogue technology a few years ago. Every museum, flyer and product packaging started to have QR Codes to link your smartphone to an infomercial website. Using only the known technologies of #RFID, #NFC and #GPS a connected world is already here. We can identify our pets through their microchip using RFID. We make contactless payments at real world stores with NFC. We have augmeted reality apps such as #PokemonGo (which on the 17th July 2016 I saw a tweet from somebody suggesting this could have an educational use) using GPS.

So broad a canvas I have only sketched in some of the current Things I have come across in Twitter and News sources. I have for the moment shuffled #AI and #augmented_reality into the #Big_Ideas area of the website just in case you were concerned your own pet topic was being ignored.

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