IoT Week Monday's Notes

Post date: 25-Jul-2016 13:26:02

Summary of the real time social media events, blogs and resources as they happen during the virtual seminar day. See for calendar events and quick link back to the 1st @Cambolc #IoT Week Virtual Seminar Area.

Key Events

Maker Stories

  • Chief ones can be seen in the workshop links above



  • See the Virtual Cinema Link.

Social Media Summary

  • Lots of people liking the tweets and following the @cambolc twitter account. Google + Account not yet but hopefully will in time now that have made contact with Using Google as a Free LMS Google + again!

Cambolc Impression of the Day

  • A lot to do in a day but it was the first time getting to know how all the bits worked. Working memory was taxed a bit at times but it so easy with Google Sites. Hope the upgrade makes it even easier. Pleased, I must say myself, with the result.
  • Going to copy this page to Google Docs and memorialise it by saving it as a PDF and attaching it to the site. You are welcome to download a copy and share, but if you do use it verbatim please give appropriate acknowledgement. Will have to look into the Creative Commons Licence but that can be dome tomorrow.

Finished for Day 1.

Phil Spalding