#IoT Week Thursday Session 6 and 7

As you may have worked out the tweets marked 8(1) and 8(2) should be referring session 6 and 7.

This site has been written with Google Sites. Until something better for my purposes comes along I remain unconvinced at that it will be anything other then Google Sites. Other Web authoring software is availaible this just happens to be my "favourte baseball cap" at the moment I seem yo remember using that sport connected to Derby County a while ago. It may even ahve been Monday?

Hopefully I won't take too long I have that tweet in mind from the BBC involving Wellbeing

This can be considered Live as will I be Saving the page periodically and then re-opening and editing. The saved page is what you will see. With Broadband it happens that quickly although I have at some points strained the little hamsters on the wheels in the local fibre box on occassions. Multiple open twitter windows do not respond well when you are looking for tweets to put at end of other tweets in a stream so that the viewer is able to see the tweet you are referring to rather than having to click it. Great way for your marketeers to increase the their impression to like ratio, can't like something very well unless you see it. So am I suggesting honest marketeers show as much as possible without giving the product away for free?

That last observation is the sort of gut feeling that I made having done the equivalent of doing a 4+ box series back to back of whatever popular programme made it past season 12 before being cancelled. That assuming I manged stay awake, which surprisingly I did not as I tried to follow on a tablet in bed, the up to 800 plus per hour tweet stream that a 1000+ followers can generate. Some tweeters have more robust fingers than others. This is why #Big Data is the only way to even attempt to put some numbers (quantitative) analysis on the unsorted data flowing through the twitter stream. I say unsorted because the #tag or tracking tag put on by originators may give some idea. The experimental protocol I proposed of suggesting #tags was ambitious.

By not telling people why I was interested in the #tag I hoped to remove any active positive selection bias. Howvere, I needn't have worried as I do not think people did take the suggestion because it was their data and they were tagging it for their purposes. This is the nature of the information we are exchanging becoming a commodity. So with the Google Effect and transactional ( Monday's Blog) memory somewhere in the big picture of why people tweet and what they do with the tweet comes we can add this commodity function. I am not saying I am right the whole idea of this #IoT week for me was to ask these questions, if they are the right questions. This is the Open Learning Community. Open ended questions for open ended data and interactions.

To circumvent the equivalent of that fatal "So tell me about yourself interview question?" Go on have a go! I am only allowing you to have one of only 4 allowed answers below

  1. I had breakfast
  2. You want to know where I am from?
  3. I want your Job.
  4. Do you want to know if I am good at using a dustpan and brush and can clear up after that guy who was carrying a box going out as I was coming in?

So we will go not for some smart targets bu some smart summarisers. Terms that have probably either had some relevance historically or may be new. I am not going to spend a lot time on this as they are only notes and there are two more documents that are going be posted to the website. A blog with the Friday (Poets day) Reflection posted for 1100 UTC+1 and a small no more than 2 page PDF document which you will be able to down load next Friday check calendar on cambolc.co.uk . If you would like to comment please do the deadlines are on for me to be able to draw lines in those shifting sands of what is the #IoT. Whether it is narrowly defined as connected devices or is ubiquitous. I did not actually state an aim other than the explore the rea of #IoT using a few reasonably priced kits for the maker/scientist lurking in me and people who followed. A handle on which to enage with a pool of potential #elearners.. A kind of look how big that thing hiding behind the sofa actually is.


  • An #IoT connected bus (and bus shelters)
    • virtual tour on twitter for prospective relocators to CB9/ tourist trail linked to a web embedded map ion showing all the major emploeyrs along the bus route
    • demonstrating the journey time of about 40 minutes to that side of CB1 from CB9 by bus so building case for greater public transport infrastructure which then leads to less collective eneryg consumption for the area
    • Linking @cambolc with all said buildings and services along route through Google Maps and ultimately Google services
    • Getting me to the people who employ me some of the time that sporadic project based work/life balance experience that I tweeted at (no better way for what I can describe as high-jacking somebody's own commodity and repurposing it for my own) for which I kind of apologise for but then that should be made the Socila media section but it is connected.
    • Demonstrating proof of concept of cambolc.co.uk to my (searching for right word ) temporary employer per day, sounds very much like the system that operated for Dock Workers in the Port of Londona (and may still do in other places) before the the late 1960s. Oop too far and in depth

Social Media

  • Big I do mean Big Data not enough time left

Working the idea not the technology

15 minurtes to go til 1700 UTC Screen shot of as the link says

  • Google Sites being written "live" see vidoe baove and compare to time when page last updated, will speak volumes more than written paragraphs

Do next the Friday reflection blog link to screen shot at 1650 UTC 28/07/2016

Done !