Google Sites Tip: Use latest News post as site page placeholder

Post date: 24-Jul-2016 14:00:23

Rapidly developing stories on Twitter might just be that, been and gone before you know it. Re-ordering the whole of static website for a topic like PokemonGo and how it is affecting elearning apps may be a major undertaking. Just as you figure out whether it is worth adding it disappears. Or as has with Pokemongo within the space of 2 weeks it has gone from overnight sensation, to danger to children and vulnerable adults, LMS opportunity, to again privacy danger. Using a Latest news post allows you start to organise content

As the story becomes more than Urban Legend use Site manager to re-arrange the position of the Latest News Post in your site. Edit the site to be consistent with the theme of your site and extend the site tree from it if need be. The page will have url on your site which can then be used as link in twitter, blogs or emails or embedding PDFs or Android Apps.