Cambridge Online Learning Community (@cambolc) - #IoT Week 25th to 29th July

Post date: 25-Jul-2016 09:31:56

Welcome to the @cambolc #IoT week.

The aim of the week is that by 11.00 UTC Friday Morning we will have explored the #IoT using the following pieces of cheap and readily available technology.

  • Raspbery Pi - A thinnish client Single Board computer which comes in various sizes write and control the #IoT process
  • Photon Development Wi-Fi Kit: to do the heavy lifting of the #IoT experience
  • An Android 5 phone connected by Wi-Fi - to provide App Development exemplars
  • Chromebook - To do/ provide the Core IT Tools
  • (Addition to previous version made 26/07/2016 ) Windows 10 Lumia 650 : Forgot about this one as had it in my hand when photographing equipment for tweets. Used for clipping OneNote stories organising, all my emails, twitter, checking Blogger Stats, LinkedIn, SatNav, and sometimes txtx and phone calls, only sometimes. Could provide AI with Cortana but she still can't quite understand my West Suffolk/London overspill or as some people think Australian accent (otherwise known as Thames Estuary) enough of the time to make it worth while at the moment. Windows for somebody of my age is like riding a bike. Google Apps is like learning a second language, but I'm getting better. When the English struggle to communicate they either talk franglais or shout louder. I just about talk in a slightly raised voice above normal.

I am in the UK so all timings and work on the week will take place at reasonable-ish UTC +1 times (British Summertime). Contact can be made either by live Twitter or Google+, although it's worth using twitter to start with as well I am a little rusty on the Google+ (Update 26/07/16 Google+ Tent working). The pinned Tweet on @cambolc provides quick links to main points of interest.

The programme for the week is as follows, blogs of thoughts of the moments will be added and when they are needed.

Cambolc website is set out in a topic based manner and the resource bank guide below the programme agenda uses the same page titles. The latest news section on the home page of the website will be updated throughout the week and act as information placeholders before we eventually integrate everything into the main website.

Most of the technology has already been tested (see the Photon Kit is the main point of interest as you would have seen from the Twitter Posts it has not been out of the box yet!

Onward and upward!

Phil Spalding

(Link to Screenshot video of quick explanation of how the learning environment should work)


The Nuts and Bolts

Tools you will need to be able to access and take part in the week online will be ideally Chrome Browser but any HTML5 capable browser, a Twitter account to live tweet but you can still follow, a Google Account to access certain Google Services such as Google+ and any a suitable #BYOD (Bring Your Own Device for some suggestions follow the link to the website).

The policies and terms for @cambolc as regards Privacy, Keeping Safe on Online and More Details can be found in the navigation bar on the left hand side. Last but not least the week is best viewed over a WiFi connection rather mobile data for cost sake. I have a 4G connection on a Windows_10 phone so if the broadband internet is playing up I can use that to keep the week running. The speed of the connection here where we are based is supposed to be up to 77Mbps or Superfast since 17thn June 2016. I did a speed test a few minutes ago and we are getting no where near that, in fact about a 1/10th. However, I did notice a BT van at the junction box as I drove past as I ran a couple of errands earlier. So we might even be able to do a Google Hangout at some point, but I am not promising too much. The calendar found on the website will give a indication of when certain things are happening such as blogs are being published.

We are also testing this week how the design of the @cambolc learning environment works and making lots of use of the "The Google Effect".


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