@cambolc #IoT Week Virtual Trade stands

Post date: 27-Jul-2016 03:37:36

Hi Learning all the time about what possibilities might be explored with the the #IoT week had a twitter user approach me who is an author by direct message and this is the copy of my reply, which gave me the idea of using a Google+ introduction in the #IoT Weeks Virtual Seminar community found in the Google+ Tent. After all who's been to conference or seminar when there hasn't been a trade rep or a trade stand trying to sell you something. We/I do not endorse the products introduced this way so caveat emptor could apply. The Google+ Tent meeting place is Open status at the moment to facilitate the #elearning experience but there are safeguards with "report abuse" button run by @Google in the communities area and if need be I can change the status to invitation which spoil the whole concept of this experiment in #OLC s. I will post this to the Google+ tent and look forward to any comments on twitter or by direct message. Trader/Maker wanting to sell direct message would be good as so I can add you to #IoT Trade Stand page ( we do not have one at this present time but as we are using Google sites to power this #OLC we will have the second I post in the latest News section in on the cambolc.co.uk) I will post the original author and the other direct messages I've had so far on the Trade stand page. Direct messages are good since it difficult and very time consuming for me to try to find in the 1000+ tweets per hour as I am only looking every once in a while as updating Google Sites and especially today doing a bit of making in the #IoT Week's Photon Workshop.

If you want to add your own "trade stand" to the Google + Tent post as an Introduction rather than as a discussion. A #tag related to your product in the post might be a USP for your tweet or Google + post. Hey, it's all good and participatory and built by you!!

Keep an eye on the latest news section of cambolc.co.uk as I might not tweet about the latest page other than to say "keep an eye on the latest news"! :);)

Hello. We are @cambolc an online learning community or OLC were doing a virtual seminar week this week. Follow the link from the pinned tweet on @cambolc to see what we are doing and join in the twitter stream. We are learning. There is also a Google+ tent as well. What I will do is add your link to our resources page. You could as the author go to our open Google+ IoT Week Community found through the Google+ Tent page and post an introduction. Almost like a virtual trade stand. This is us basic exploring new concept for #elearning quite happy for posts as long as the follow the terms etc found on left hand nav bar of http://cambolc.co.uk which basically boil down to "treat others as you would like to be treated yourself" and do no harm" a sort of Thumper ' mum from Disney's Bambi meets Hippocrates. Look forward to you joining in and maybe choosing to follow.