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Book Store

Occasionally documents or books that are more than 5 pages long will be made available on the Teachers Pay Teachers webstore (link to follow when we have something to sell).  In the interest of keeping everything as cheap as possible at the moment we will not be charging more than £2 pounds for up to 50 pages.   This is roughly about 4 pence per page or the same as the costs of photocopying or printing a sheet of paper.   We like to encourage people to go paperless.  These will generally be in ePub format (follow link to find out how write your e-books with a RAspberry Pi) to be read on e-reader or PDF, an attempt to convert them into Kindle format will be made at some point.  I would have liked to say 2p because not having 2 pennies to rub together used to be an English phrase for having no money at all.  Inflation however means £2.00 is sensible.  Edited versions of the information may sometimes be found in the blog.  At the moment the blog is showing no adverts but will do so by September as we will have activated the Adsense app on the site.

 Documents that are less than or equal to 5 pages will available to download  on the webpage they are featured on.  If glance down the page you will see a small folder, this is where they  will be located.