Developing Social Enterprises

Haverhill Online Learning Community is about people, learning and creating a community! We have a social function but we also want to be able to be sustainable. In order to sustain the HOLC we aim to generate income and return the profit back to the participants of the Online Learning Community! One of the ways we could do this is by setting up a social enterprise!

A social enterprise is not the only business model that can lead to long-term sustainability allowing Universal Education with a free point of use facility. The route of creating an educational charity or a straight limited company are also open. These pages are intended to develop a business model that will allow Online Learning Communities in general to be set up and maintained not just over 5 years but 10, 15, 25 years. How we as a learning community go about this is a learning experience! To participate click on the Join link in the side bar!

We will be adding various different articles and files both below and in the blog! Feel free to contribute to growth of the Online Learning Community!

Look forward to the learning!

Philip Spalding

21st April 2013