The Twitter Hour

Welcome to the Twitter Hour Landing Page for the second @Cambolc Virtual IoT Seminar Week. Every night between Monday 24th October 2016 and Thursday 28th October we will be conducting a twitter hour. We have nearly 2100 twitter followers as we write. A very diverse group that encompasses many different interests. A large pool on which to draw for a twitter hour each day of the week from Monday to Thursday on a specific topic. To this end I have included a Google Form on Seminar main page with some suggestions for topics that could be discussed. Between 8 and 9 pm UTC we intend to have the twitter hour using the hashtag #camb**** with the asterisks representing the specific topic. The hashtag should be no more than 9 characters including # so 130 characters or so to play around with all told. The hashtags will appear in the Seminar Outline Section. Also we want to start using the Google Plus Groups each day for the same topics or any other points of interest. The first seminar week set part of the scene now we want to go Social Media inclusive.