Welcome to the #online_learning gateway for Cambridge and the world beyond.  Here we showcase and build 21st Century Learning Experiences.  We have been looking at the vast area of #online_learning for a lot of years, and in more detail since 2011.  At this point in time there is available a critical mass of technology combined with a freely accessible body of experience to make #online_learning an achievable reality.  We will show you that the expertise you have to share can be transformed into a rewarding online learning experience.  Universal Education is a step closer!   

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Special Event 24th to 29 th July 2016 1st @Cambolc #IoT Virtual Week

August 2016: Cambolc Month: Square Foot Gardening, #IoT and #elearning

September 2016: Cambolc Month: A Little Bit of Good #Language

October 2016:  Second @Cambolc #IoT Virtual Week

November 2016: Cambolc Month: Creating E-Learning Experiences

December 2016: Cambolc Month: Food, Wellbeing and Smart Cities

January 2017: Cambolc Month:  Preparing to be an elearner

February 2017: Cambolc Month: Square Foot Gardening New Planting

March 2017:  A Little Bit of Good Language

April 2017:  Third @Cambolc #IoT Virtual Week
May 2017: Cambolc Month: Further Creating E-Learning Experiences
June 2017:  Cambolc Month:  More Preparing to be an e-learner
July 2017:  End of Year and Fourth @Cambolc #IoT Virtual Week
August 2017: Cambolc Month:  Square Foot Gardening, Food., Wellbeing and Smart                                     Cities/Homes  


The website is an ongoing project and will change as more content is added and more importantly skills learnt.  So no apologies if the pages are less polished than they should be.  This is also an online learning experience.  The web experience should hopefully work across a range of #BYOD.  I have tested the website on a Windows Lumia 650, an Amazon Fire 7" Tablet, Chrome book and desktop.  You may experience problems viewing the pages on Android 5 Phones.    But given time and the HTML skills over the next few months,  the  scientist/engineer/teacher  in me will produce the "it might not be pretty but it works website".   When I discover the artist in me, the form might become more pleasing to the eye!  

For a narration of the thoughts behind the website see this link after 0500 UTC 24/07/2016.

Phil Spalding

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  • 2nd @Cambolc #IoT Virtual Seminar Week has started Three months on from our first seminar week we are now on day of the 2nd seminar week.  Go to the main page cambolc.co.uk and then scroll down ...
    Posted by Philip Spalding
  • New Medium Term plan In next week idea is to review the medium term plan that can be found on the home page of the cambolc.co.uk website.  In summary we are going ...
    Posted 3 Sep 2016, 22:38 by Philip Spalding
  • Note for First Cambolc IoT Week Download files below to see notes
    Posted 3 Aug 2016, 21:15 by Philip Spalding
  • What roles Cambridge Online Learning Community followers self identify themselves with As most people who work with large sets of data know it does take a long time to sift through them.   Spreadsheets and csv file made move to #BigData easier ...
    Posted 31 Jul 2016, 01:15 by Philip Spalding
  • Gardening Projects
    Posted 29 Jul 2016, 13:07 by Philip Spalding
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#Tags are used in  some of the links as suggestions for topics to search for on Twitter, Google+ etc or the web.  Where appropriate we are seeking to move away from content led "teaching" in our #elearning practice on this site.  The answer is out there .......  If you find something useful why not share! 

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