How to use the Cambridge Online Learning Community

Landing Page for the How to use the website. Hopefully it is fairly intuitive. There are four elements to the overall elearning experience. The realtionship between the parts can be read at (follow link)

  • @cambolc which is the micro-blogging or conversational medium to interact with other members of the online learning community this has a pinned tweet with a link that launches the website
  • the website which is the content store
  • this is the main commentary area of Cambridge Online Learning Community and invites comment and suggests areas of elearning and the internet to explore
  • paperli the daily newspaper that aggregates the tweets from @cambolc's tweet stream into one snapshot of that day, there is a an archive that can be viewed showing opinions that tweeters (both followers and those being followed) were producing, this gives a library function with past editions

I am trying to avoid putting too much content on the how to ("knowledge") in the hope that you will be able to find what you need (learning the skills bit). If you find anything confusing please DM or put a message on twitter or use the other means of contact on the blog.

This space is where will start to add the Frequently asked questions part. Latest updates will also feature on the home page in the latest news section. :)