Pedagogy or Art of Teaching Online!

We have all been educated by an instructor from the front of the class at some point in our life. This is the push style of teaching ie where information is pushed out to the student. Online learning provides the opportunity for the student to select and "pull" the information to them. The experience is can therefore be more of active than that of traditional teaching. The use of social media can also involve a collaboration in the learning process by teacher and pupil. The term teacher implies a font of knowledge greater than the receiver.

Turning the teacher role into that of facilitator is about turning the learner from a passive to an active participant. It is about doing rather than watching! Collaborating as peers rather than as giver and receiver! How we achieve this is by taking gradual steps along the continuum of teaching styles towards independent learning. The term blended learning is becoming synonymous with this process.

This page (and subpages) is about how we transform learning from traditional classroom models to that of 21st Century Life Long Learning of Online Learning. We will be collating and collaborating with a number of groups in pursuit of this aim. The collaboration of CAMBOLC with practitioners across the globe will help us develop our peer to peer practice.