Creating elearning experiences

Welcome to the Landing Page for Creating e-Learning experiences this is a project that is showcasing different ways of producing resources and structuring e-learning. We use a number of resources ranging from those commonly found on Raspberry Pi, Learning Management systems such as Edmodo and those that are part of Gsuite which forms the core of other Google products such as Google Classroom. The aim is to make it possible where ever you are in the world to experience access to Universal education. Making courses locally can be transformative for a local community sharing essential information that might help for instance in growing a crop in India. Allow a local learning network to transform the lives of people with Dyslexia by producing dyslexia friendly resources. Help preserve a local language by producing written, spoke or video courses for instruction on how to use everyday services.

The internet is becoming ubiquitous but there are also other ways to connect people using SMS based courses or mobile smartphones or tablets or e-readers or by making a local hotspot/Network using the Raspberry Pi. We are in the Fourth Industrial Age, there is a critical knowledge base out there that is in the hands of local people. Wherever you live in the world Access to Universal Education is now possible. With Education people are empowered to change their own lives!