Top Influencers

Landing Page for the List of Top 10-ish groups or people making an impact on or noticed in a good way by cambolc on Twitter or the blog or other social or even by (shocking this) in person contact every month. Starting from July 2016 when the website was revamped. Bullet pointed as all influencing equally valid. Some people may appear on more than one list

October 2016

William "John" Pickup our occasional guest Blogger promoting a better understanding of throat cancer as a survivor with his website

August 2016

  • Veronique Mermaz - Branding and Marketing - good sounding board for the Cambridge Online Learning Community and skilled in Agricultural marketing and Branding in French and English Link to LinkedIn profile

(Starting to complete 1/08/16)

July 2016 (Under construction will be eternalised, if such a thing can be done, or do I mean not added to, at end of month)

  • Betsy Sparrow - Professor of Psychology and associated with "The Google Effect" mentioned in Blogpost to be published Monday 25th July 2016
  • Eben Upton - Everything Raspberry Pi, main founder of Raspberry Pi Foundation see
  • CamJam - Group making Educational Projects for the #Raspberrypi and general #Raspberry_Pi_ Maker promoters through Cam Jam events. Blog Post.
  • Pi Hut - Online supplier of everything Raspberry Pi and partner of CamJam. Blogpost
  • Dennis Mohi - Whose tweet about PokemonGo as an eduApp was first ever added to a website page after cambolc blogpost earlier that day looking for that exact resource that was in his tweet
  • Village of Ashton Clinton great at retweeting this is exactly one of the types of groups I had hoped to interest in Life Learning through online_learning. Great!!
  • Jeff Nelson - The Chromebook do not really need to say much more than .... The Chromebook
  • @GoogleExpertUK - Susan Dolan. First direct reach out via twitter from Cambolc in 2016 to solve a Google+ problem Link to tweet proof if you needed it that the internet can work for good! :);) Tweet to solution, only minutes, even though time line seems way off from 57min to 37min in sequence bouncing off different servers in different countries !
  • We do have our 1000th follower but I was thinking all of you are top influencers so deserve the shout for July! Thank you for following hopefully the models of #edTech and #IoT that Cambridge Online Learning Community will make #elearning not about content giving but sharing learning or increasing the transactional memory there is a blog for that