The Photon Workshop

Post date: 25-Jul-2016 15:10:37

The kit

The kit was chosen as it was available from Amazon so would very likely have a no problem with supplies. It looked from the product description that it was compatible with the Raspberry Pi. Definitely mentions Arduino in the box insert. So probably is as most Arduino maker projects I believe can be made to work on the Raspberry Pi fairly easily by slight changes of coding. The chip is an ARM chip so using the architecture inside the little black box that is used increasingly in most IoT devices. (Will have to find a link to include here to illustrate ARM and IoT).

Product related Website (s)

  • - "Home" website for all the products, no printed instructions or data sheets all on the websites. If you do need it printed could clip into OneNote Notebook extension added to Chrome Browser, or view on Tablet also with OneNote or convert to PDF (need to try this) and send to a Kindle or other e-reader. Whichever way product is paperless.
  • - Particular product in this case particle, assume so called as looks to be the smallest. Marketing and packaging of product seems well thought out so far.

Workshop Generated Discussion

  • Finally got round to reading the start guides on the product webpages. And thought oops have a problem here it might not do what I thought it was going to do. The problem was that the code that appeared on the screen was written with curly brackets. This means that it is using C++ and not Python a slightly less forgiving programming language in the IDE (integrated development environment). If you have used

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