The Raspberry Pi Workshop

Post date: 25-Jul-2016 15:11:22

Crossover Workshop Link: The Photon Workshop

The kit

The SBC (Single Board Computer) first introduced in 2012. Now in it's third version hence Raspberry Pi 3. Extra small board version Raspberry Pi Zero envisioned as the makers choice for #IoT. Has a Windows 10 IoT OS (operating system) avaialable as well as the standard Linux Debian Raspian. Other flavours of Linux and OS are available from the official website.

Product related Website (s)

Tweet Posts

YouTube Resources

  • As showing in IoT's week virtual cinema Android Authority' s Review of the Raspberry Pi 3


  • Geany :- This blog written 3 years ago came into being needed to be looked at again because the Photon kit uses C++ instead of Python 3 as used by the Raspbery Pi in it's IDE. Geany is GUI that allows you to program

Further References

  • Bibliography web page in the domain that was written about 3 Years ago and as not been updated since found when looking into one of the issues int encountered in The Photon Worshop related to the IDE. Link to page embedded with Google Doc (this was going to be an e-book three years ago no reason why I can't pick it up again).