Mongoose tales and Python!

Programming in Python!

To learn to program in Python can be achieved using the online course Codecademy. This covers the basics you will need to understand for writing simple simple programs. We recommend Codecademy as your starting block.

As you make progress beyond the Codecademy basics you can progress onto learning how to use GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces), libraries such as pygame for producing games and file file handling for storing variables. To read about some of the uses of Python got to our blog by clicking on the TAB in the horizontal menu and type in the Search Box Python!.

Below are some Python programmes that have been written using the basic knowledge from Codecademy. The programmes can be downloaded as .txt files, python files (.py) and PDF files. Often the files relate to blog posts which can be seen by clicking the tab The Blog! in the menu above. If you are using a Raspberry Pi you can open the text file in Leafpad and paste it into the IDLE program. You can also open the .py file from your download folder using IDLE and Geany. If you are using either Windows or Mac machines you will have to down load either Geany or Python. The PDF file is provided if you want to print out a hard copy to hand to somebody so that can practice code entry.