@Cambolc's First #Google + Trade Fair at the #IoT Week's Google + Tent

Post date: 27-Jul-2016 04:04:48

Concept behind the Trade fair from a direct message received (see link for more details)

Hello. We are @cambolc an online learning community or OLC were doing a virtual seminar week this week. Follow the link from the pinned tweet on @cambolc to see what we are doing and join in the twitter stream. We are learning. There is also a Google+ tent as well. What I will do is add your link to our resources page. You could as the author go to our open Google+ IoT Week Community found through the Google+ Tent page and post an introduction. Almost like a virtual trade stand. This is us basic exploring new concept for #elearning quite happy for posts as long as the follow the terms etc found on left hand nav bar of http://cambolc.co.uk which basically boil down to "treat others as you would like to be treated yourself" and do no harm" a sort of Thumper ' mum from Disney's Bambi meets the Hypocratic oath. Look forward to you joining in and maybe choosing to follow.


Go to Google+ Tent

Exhibitor's Hall of the Google+ Tent

Included in this section are the @twitter of the exhibitor and a link to their tweet accompanying their direct message. If you are in the tent but not here yet I apologise and will endeavour to add you. Even though this is a conference the times stated are more for my Time Management purposes than to restrict participation. Work on the #IoT Week will probably continue long after the conference closes at 1100 UTC+1 on 29th July 2016. This a free OLC service only my time is being spent!

The closer you are to the top left hand corner the earlier you were a participant only rows will be added to the millionaire square table (some may remember that early dot.com marketing strategy).

Product Halls (this will grow during the day/week)