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Landing point for all things to do with #online_learning.  21st Century Learning experiences can be made by amateurs or professionals, small companies, large companies, self-help groups or institutions.  The list of those that can is enormous.   To quote the words of the anonymous sage, "Those that can .....  do!".  After all, everyone is a teacher.

We have all been educated by an instructor from the front of the class at some point in our life.  This is the push content style of teaching ie where information is pushed out to the student.  The internet has changed that since there you are only need to Google it to find the information.  Online learning provides the opportunity for the student to select and "pull" the information to them.  The experience is can therefore be more of active than that of traditional teaching.  The use of social media can also involve a collaboration in the learning process by teacher and pupil.  The term teacher implies a font of knowledge greater than the receiver.

The range of learning experiences there for is on a continuum between push and pull.   Whether the instructor needs to push or the student needs to pull is entirely determined by the intended outcome.

Here we show you some of the methods you can use to turn your expertise into a useful learning experience.