Landing page to make the process of constructing the online_learning experience as "simple" as possible. There are many types of #online_learning_styles such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), pico-courses (a very small course) and PDF based courses to name a few. Equally there are many many ways you can assess the outcome of the learning, from one to one social interactions by Google Hangout and Skype or quizzes (gamification).

Providing an #online_course can be technologically baffling. The technology can stifle the development of #online_learning practice. A YouTube Channel is as equally valid as a conduit of learning as the most detailed multi-style MOOC that might be used in a university degree course. The aspiration to learn and the motivation for learning are the important habits to encourage, not the technology by which you achieve those outcomes. These pages are here to help you, as the bearer of knowledge, make the choice of what could work for you and your learners. To demonstrate proof of concepts the links below will use some of the types of course and LMS (Learning Management Systems). To begin with the the Where to Start section uses the most basic form of PDF without assessment!