What is a Cambolc Magic Square?

Cambolc's Magic Square is a free to view collection of HyperLinks to a specific subject, presented as a Google Slides widget. That subject group maybe #STEM, Maths, Wellbeing ... by now you are probably getting the picture. These links are informational in nature and do not imply endorsement just the desire to provide information that the reader of this website may find useful, while exercising their best judgement as to the ethos and veracity of the site visited.

Most links will be un-sponsored, some could be sponsored as Cambolc follows a social enterprise model which implies we are not a charity but a hopefully sustainable entity that pays all necessary taxes. The facilitator and owners of Cambolc will, to the best of their ability at the time of publishing the page make sure the link works , the content of third party websites is however viewed on the understanding that they are that third party and Cambolc has no control over their availability or content. In other words, we didn't write them :-) (unless we did and the link takes you one of Cambolc's allied pages). So feel free to click on the Magic Square Links below in the embedded Google Slides Document.

Cambolc Magic Square Number One