Google + Pages or Google + Communities Confusing

Post date: 24-Jul-2016 21:56:10

This is an appeal to a connected community for some help as to how I managed to achieve 2 Google+ pages. Both of which are connected in some way to Cambridge Online Learning community either through the blog or the website. If you want to cut out the explanation of why I feel confused about this the links are at the bottom of the page.

I have included the background as to how I think I may have developed the split personality for Cambridge Online Learning Community. Now I need to rehabilitate those identities so I can usefully use the Google Groups (?) product if it is still called that. That might be another area of confusion. There seemed to be so many routes to achieve a similiar outcome back then in 2011 (too early?) and 2012. Which could explain why Google Course Builder is now administered by MIT(?) and Google Sites is about to have an upgrade.

I started looking again at the Google + personality of Cambridge Online Learning Community. I must admit I found the various processes of setting up Google+ pages a little confusing 4+ years ago when I first started to look into this. I was participating with the Bank Street College OFLC (Online Faculty Learning Community) led by Jeannie Crowley. Bit of a leap of faith in the technology they were in New York I was in CB9 in the UK. I do not remember having a successful video hangout but I do remember real time text based communication of a sort.

This is where I first came across the idea of MOOCs and Google Course Builder. In fact I found on my site map the page that went with that from 4 or so years ago all under the term SOOC . We don't here about SOOCs anymore. Which was also rubbing shoulders with the people behind the Peeragogy Handbook. I remember clearly New Zealand (yes, actually in New Zealand while others were in New York and me in CB9 silumultaneously on our desktops) PhD student who was very involved with either slideshare or something similar I did keep gettingthe wrong name. Slideshare is now the shared product being used in LinkedIn, clicking on one of the posts a few minutes ago associated Google +pages I set up at that time took me to ... LinkedIn!

This was just before, at, or about the time I worked for the 2011 Census and started having to make the trek to Ely, Harlow, then Chelmsford , then Colchester .... and the OLC (Online Learning Community) interests disappeared like Alice down the rabbit hole.

This is starting to sound a bit like a different life but in this case the Google Effect (read tomorrow's blog or see twitter posts in the last in the 12 hours or so if you have not heard of this - using the pull method here I am afraid or the Mongoose's motto if you've read Jungle Book) is taking over and I am able to retrieve the information. I am not even sure of the complete details that are contained therein, I wrote the pages so long ago and it would be a side trek away to go and read them at this particular time.

After almost loosing myself down a dark countrified memory lane (no metaphorical street lights) I have two pages (there could be more) which I am not sure how I constructed and whether they are Google+ pages or Google+ Profiles or Google+ Groups or Google + AN_OTHER. Clicking the links will show the pages.

  • Option 1 Last Post 2016 This says Google +
  • Option 2 Last Post 2013 This says communities

I am going to include the @twitter person profile of the last person I see that has followed me on Twitter today (24/07/16) who from her bio is a Google expert. But please any body just jump right in and the hunt for cambolc's real Google+ identity. Seems to have the same name but multiple identities so to speak!

Many thanks in advance

More than mildly confused of CB9

Link to tweet