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Landing page for productivity and content Apps that allow collaboration on the Cloud.

Office Suites

These generally include a email and a #cloud_drive with file sharing capabilities. Various productivity apps are usually included to allow use of Wordprocessing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Calendars as well as types of notebook organisers to carry out tasks such as storing and annotating grabs from websites. Often these are browser based which can be used across all BYODs. Offline apps can usually be obtained for your particular BYOD flavour. A social media element like Google+ may be available as well.

  • Microsoft Outlook - A evolutionary step along from the original email service. Linked to a Microsoft Account based #cloud service this free online service is the spine of the #cloud drive (#OneDrive), Microsoft's online office suite and includes links to Skype. As a cloud service it is BYOD independent and browser based. Appears to works equally well in Chrome, Edge and Firefox, and I assume Safari but have not tried. On Wndows_10 mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets Mobile Office is generally included. For Laptops and desktops be you can use the Office Suite online but there is also paid for licensed full suite Office 360 (this can also be added to mobile devices as part of the license).
  • Google Apps - If you have a GMail Account and you automatically have the #cloud drive GDrive, Google Docs ( Wordprocessing, Spreadsheets, Presentations), Google+(for social media including video conferencing through Google Hangouts) and a whole host of other apps when you click the Google Apps button in the top right hand corner of your Google Home page in Google's Chrome Browser (whole lot of Google going on, there!). This drives the Chromebooks and is intrinsic also to the Android experience. The website you are viewing at the moment site is written using the Google Sites App.

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