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Post date: 25-Jul-2016 14:12:37

Summary of the real time social media events, blogs and resources as they happen during the virtual seminar day. See for calendar events and quick link back to the 1st @Cambolc #IoT Week Virtual Seminar Area.

Key Events

  • BT Broadband and Open Reach to remain together this could have been exteremly disruptive to progress in #IOT as companies reorganised
  • Given the @twitter name of the Dean of MIT to follow who is taking a sabitical to set up a Reseacrh University without lectures and classrooms
  • Realisation that the #IoT is a still a mystery to many and the disruptive nature being underestimatde by some government s with countries such Sweden and Norway embracing the opportunities by being further down the road to market introduction than other counries
  • Portfolio of Evidence/Work especially blogs can be used creatively to lessen the burden of producing more one use materail, as cognition of the subject changes insights can be drawn from events noticed in blogs in the past. The insights inform the present infromation. Bloggin for blogging sake or enjoyment of writing can leave some unexplored boulders whose value only becomes apparent when you "stub your toes on them" later.

Maker Stories

  • See vitual cinema an the blog posts some very creative programming from Geek University in the cinema.


  • Today's Blog A collection of projects that have come to note recently


  • See virtual cinema

Social Media Summary

  • From a data point of view the tweet impressions have gone from about 5000 per week (?) to over 30,000 since I pinned the tweet to the twitter feed good advice from that tweeter
  • Vast number of tweets again followers have again increased

Cambolc Impression of the Day

  • Definitely an improvement on lessening workload (down by 80% it feels) compared to yesterday. Getting the structure right yesterday (and deciding to stick with it and not make any changes) has made turning out the resources dedicated to #IoT week (one blog post 20 minutes, 2 hrs blogging total) out of what would be I imagine a research, read etc day, do normal things sort of day. Working the ideas not the technology. The only change I made to the website was outside the #IoT Week sphere. I added a link to the Museum/Cambolc Antiquarian Curiosities webpage next to #BYOD the menu as I am finding I have loads of old Tech that I have used even one 1979/1980 Casio Calculator. There is also somewhere a Sinclair Scientific Claculator that uses Polish Notation(?) further operations enterred data 2+2 would be 2+2+ , 2-1 was 2+1- if I remember correctly. It is n such a safe place I haven't seen it for at least a decade very likely longer.
  • Impressed with Chromebook actually used a powered 4 USB Hub with it today for first time. Plugged in to Hub Keyboard, Mouse, Card Reader with Compact Flash Card from Olympus DSLR and Kobo e-reader and connected to USB 3.0 Chrome book, HDMI to 27inch monitor. All USB Flash card and Kobo recognised with 15 seconds. Flash card synchronised with Chromebook immediately. Synced Photos to Gdrive almost instanaeously after that. Plug and play at it's best!

Enough for today, will copy the doc to Google Docs. PDF and ePub should be tweeted a s being ready in about 5 minutes.

#tags to watch out for in tweets tomorrow based on Tweeted picture today are #disruptive #edTech as talked about in the Thought for the moment Blog. Same rules on sharing PDFs and ePubs apply ie please do but acknowledgement would be nice! ;)

Phil Spalding


1912 UTC + 1 26/07/16